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Tip 2 Of 10 For A Better Running Routine: Finish Strong

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Tip Two: Finish strong.
When you finish a run, do you sometimes feel so exhausted that by the end you’re just happy to be done running? Does your pace become an afterthought because you feel so exhausted? Then this tip is definately for you. Try visualizing a finish line, like this one, and quicken your stride. It doesn’t matter if you finish at any certain pace. What matters more is that you feel like you’re giving an extra effort for that last quarter of a mile to the finish. Why? This is where you can build your endurance, gain greater speed and psychologically overcome the feeling of exhaustion. By finishing strong, you actually push through the toughest part of the run with intensity, thereby allowing yourself to bring more intensity to your next run. Best part of this trick is that once you’ve finished the run, you can feel certain that the next time you run you won’t feel that tired. You’ll have made yourself just a little stronger, confident and fit.

Yesterday, my friend and I ran together and as we approached our finish we picked up the pace to finish strong, like we always do. Today I can feel a little soreness from that stride in. And I love it. The strength I gained from just that stride, that extra effort, is something I’ll actually bring to that same run when I go back to it this week, and I’ll finish even stronger and with more speed. It’s not just a perceived benefit. It’s a tangible benefit. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. I bet you’ll love it, too.

May your next run be a good one.

1 Thing To Do When You Run Hills!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

IMG_0432 - "GO!" - Running up that Hill #3

Photo Credit: OldOnliner

Most people hate running hills. I love it. Know why? Because a friend of mine took a running class with the NYRRC (New York Road Runners Club) and she shared with me this excellent tip: it’s the one thing you must do when you’re running hills that will make all the difference for you every time!

Best part? It’s so easy!
As you start up your next hill, pretend you’re holding potato chips between your thumb and middle fingers which you cannot break. These potato chips aren’t the crunchy, kettle chips either. These potato chips are the flimsy, fragile Lay’s Brand potato chips that will crack the minute you hold your fingers together too tightly.

Try it. You will never hate hills again. Ok. Well at least you’ll never approach a hill the same again.

Here’s why: when you’re pretending to hold that chip, you’re also forcing yourself to keep a light touch about your fingers; your hands; your arm; your shoulders. The tenseness that often comes during a part of a run that runners hate — which often results in a tensing of the shoulders, especially in women runners — just won’t happen to you while you’re running up that hill. Sure the challenge will remain the same. But your experience of this challenge will change dramatically. Promise.

Just don’t break those chips!

May your next run be a good one.